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Research & Publications

A variety of educational materials have been developed, published and distributed by us to support our preschool and school programmes, including resource materials for teachers and principals. In addition, we have published materials for interested individuals and communities, such as:
• pamphlets describing how to construct water storage tanks and safe drinking water wells,
• booklets on reproductive health, forests and agriculture, folders on the nutritional value of local foods,
• posters on the proper disposal of plastic bags and on panchayats and
• an environmental atlas of Uttarakhand.
All these materials are in Hindi, the language of our region. "Nanda", a magazine of the Uttarakhand Mahila Parishad is published on an annual basis.
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Many articles and research papers on our work have been published in national and international journals.
Films on environmental education in schools and on balwadis and kishori shikshan programmes have been produced.

Some publications and presentations are in English for the use of professional colleagues around the world. Some are available upon request, some may be accessed in electronic form on this site, and, for others details of the publisher are listed.