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Research & Publications - Education

Balwadis (Pre-School Centres) ‘Uttarakhand Mein Balwadi’ (2011) VIDEO
  ‘Balwadi: Ek Sachitra Parichay (March, 2007)  
  Udita Das (2004), Balwadis in Kumoan: A Qualitative Research Study, conducted for UEEC, 2003-2004. (programme evaluation)  
  Nanda, M, (2001), "Relevant Environmental Education in early schooling in a rural setting", Issues in Primary Education, Vol. 3, No. 3, 2001, pp. 31-33.  
  The Balwadi: Binding the Himalayan Village, March 2001, 36 page booklet with coloured pictures. PDF
Gram Shikshan Kendra (Community Learning Centres) Village Learning Centres in Uttarakhand (March, 2015)
  Paper presented at the workshop on Community Learning Held at Almora 22-23 May 2009 (revised version) COMMUNITY LEARNING FOR EMPOWERMENT by M. G. Jackson PDF
Kishori Shikshan (Adolescent Education) ‘Uttarakhand Mein Kishori Shikshan; Ek Jhalak’ (2014) VIDEO
  ‘Hamara Sharir’ booklet (1999, reprint 2003)  
Environmental Education course in Schools Our Land, Our Life, 6-8 class workbooks in Hindi currently running in Government Schools of Uttarakhand
Class 6 PDF
Class 7 PDF
Class 8 PDF
  Our Land, Our Life, proposed workbooks in English VI to X class
Class 6 PDF
Class 7 PDF
Class 8 PDF
Class 9 PDF
Class 10 PDF
  Jackson, M.G, (2004), "Towards an Authentic Indian Environmentalism", Southern Africa Journal of Environmental Education, 2004, Vol. 21, pp. 94-107.
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  UEEC staff (2001), Our Land Our Life, A course on Practical Environmental Studies for Classes VI – X in the Schools and Intermediate Colleges of Uttarakhand Course Description and Evaluation, March 2001. (programme evaluation)  
  Our Land Our Life, A course on Practical Environmental Studies for Classes VI – X in the Schools and Intermediate Colleges of Uttaranchal: Course Description and Evaluation, March 2001, 18 pages. Read (PDF : 209 KB) PDF
  Proceedings of the National Workshop on Environmental Education, 18-20 May, 2001, for the Department of Education, Government of India, New Delhi, 29 pages.  
  Observations, Understanding and Recommendations for the Uttarakhand Environmental Education Centre, Reflections following my May 8 to June 3, 2006 visit. Karen S. Hollweg, August 25, 2005 Read PDF PDF
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