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Research & Publications - News, Visitors & Events

News, Visitors, Events Late Shri B D Pande memorial lecture series: First lecture Dr. Karan Singh (2010) PDF VIDEO
  Second lecture Shri Hamid Ansari (2011) PDF VIDEO
  Second lecture Smt. Margaret Alva (2011) PDF
  Third lecture Shri Gopal Krishna Gandhi (2012) PDF VIDEO
  Fourth Lecture Sir Mark Tully (2013) PDF VIDEO
  Fifth Lecture Shri Javed Akhtar (2014) VIDEO
  Sixth Lecture Bharat Ratna Prof. C N R Rao (2015) AUDIO
  Seventh Lecture Sunita Narain, Noted environmentalist (2016) VIDEO
  Eighth Lecture by Admiral D K Joshi (retd.) VIDEO
  Ninth Lecture by Shri Muktesh Pant VIDEO
  Tenth Lecture by Shri Ramchandra Guha VIDEO
  Compilation of the BDP Memorial Lectures PDF
  Insights from an Environmental Education Programme in Uttarakhand” by Lalit Pande VIDEO