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Research & Publications Women’s development and Gender (Uttarakhand Mahila Parishad)

  “Organising for life and livelihoods in the mountains of Uttarakhand: the experience of Uttarakhand Mahila Parishad”, Anuradha Pande, book chapter (pages 100-127) in Naila Kabeer, Ratna Sudarshan and Kirsty Milward, eds,
“‘Organising Women Workers in the Informal Economy: Beyond the Weapons of the Weak”, Zed Books (2013) USA, ISBN 978 1 78032 4517
  Community Driven Climate Resilient Hill Farming in Village Ecosystems of NW Himalayas (Uttarakhand) Under competitive grants component of National Initiative on Climate Resilient Agriculture (NICRA), supported by CRIDA (ICAR)  
  Uttarakhand Mahila Parishad (Uttarakhand Women’s Federation), March 2010, study conducted by the Institute of Social Studies Trust, New Delhi.  
  Uttarakhand Women's Federation : Report 2010.
  Nuances of Micro Finance, Gender and Development in Uttarakhand, Anuradha Pande (2006), Unpublished report, Uttarakhand Seva Nidhi Paryavaran Shiksha Sansthan (2006)  
  ‘Chetna Geet’ (2009)  
  POSTERS on Panchayat election awareness (Designed and developed by Uttarakhand Women's Federation, 2008) POSTER 01 PDF
  ‘Nanda’, a regular annual publication of UMP since 2001  
  Women’s literacy and education (2012):
Workbook - 1
Workbook - 2
Workbook - 3
Evaluation sheets
Grading of women attending literacy centres